Anonymous asked: I am in no way attacking you for your beliefs, or opinions on homosexuality, I was just curious, about your point of view as a Christian. If you feel homosexuality is in fact a sin, does that also mean that you feel it is a choice to be attracted to one's same gender? I, personally, feel that we cannot control who we love, the people we are attracted to, regardless of their gender identity. So why would God make people this way if he says it is sinful?



Hi! Questions like these are great, and I appreciate your respectfulness.

I very strongly believe that 1) feeling attracted to someone is not something we choose and 2) we do choose who we love. If you are human, you know that so many feelings and things we feel in our hearts are not our choice. I’ve had feelings for guys that I know are not right and that if I chose to be in a relationship with them, it would bring me further away from Christ, although it would give me momentary happiness. This is the same as homosexuality. I watched this video recently and I feel like she explains things very well. It’s about denying ourselves and making everything about Jesus. If a relationship, regardless if it is homosexual or not, draws us away from Christ, it’s not good. Any situation where we are putting our own desires before what God has intended for us will only distance us from Him. 

Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.” 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 (yes, that is new testament!) (notice that homosexuality is listed alongside with idolators, all sexual immorality, thieves, drunkards, etc. homosexuals should never be alienated!!!) (also !!! this is important !!! when we accept Christ, all these temptations and sins we struggle with are no longer counted against us. When we accept Jesus and repent of our sins, although we may stumble and fall into sexual immorality or any other sin, GOD STILL LOVES US and sees us perfectly because Jesus died for our sins. If you want me to elaborate on this, let me know.)

We are all born with sinful hearts. I struggle with many things, and although one of them is not homosexuality, it is still sin and all sin is the same in God’s eyes. So many things that I’ve struggled with and have conquered with His help have made me stronger and enabled me to relate to others and help them through their struggles. You were made intentionally and with purpose, regardless of the sin you struggle with.

And to address my view on love is a choice: I think the word love is used for so many different things that its true meaning has been tainted. I believe true love is a verb, not a feeling. We can feel so many things for people: adoration, attraction, respect, etc. but LOVE is choosing to actively put someone before yourself and to consistently and selflessly caring for another. There is so much more I could say about what it means to love as a follower of Christ, but I’ll leave it at that (feel free to message me about it, though!)

Hope I answered your question :)

Wow! Perfect answer!

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Don’t Forget The Real Reason For The Season!

As I was chatting with a good friend today he mentioned that Christmas was almost here. Immediately, I stated how excited I was to open up my new MacBook Pro. No longer than five minutes later I realized what I had done. Without even thinking, I forgot the most important reason for Christmas. The last Sunday of Advent and I already forgot the significance of Christmas?! I know I’m not the only person who has done this, and I’m sure many of you reading this can relate. Instead of looking forward to the materialistic things of this world, let’s rejoice in the fact that Jesus Christ was born! Keep it real this Christmas <3

I&#8217;m so happy with how this photo turned out! (Photo by Katie Wright)

I’m so happy with how this photo turned out! (Photo by Katie Wright)

Seniors, Are You Ready?

Ready for what?! I’m talking about college or whatever you may be pursuing after high school. When I think about my future and where I’ll be in a year, I am happy and filled with excitement, but at the same time I am terrified and crying out to God for encouragement. It’s scary to think that I may be fourteen hours away from home and out on my own. Thoughts and questions run through my mind endlessly. Am I strong and brave enough to do this? Will I succeed at college? Do I have enough willpower to stay focused at school? Although these are all trivial questions that may seem frivolous, they are a real concern. It is daunting to think that I might fail and let everyone down at some point; dramatic but so true. Then my thoughts wander and I start thinking about the beautiful city I’ll be in, and the amazing opportunities I’ll have. Soon, I am reassured that I will thrive at college but only with the help from God. I am filled with joy to know that I will always have God near me while I’m away from home, months upon end. I may be 17 years old, but I have the world at my fingertips and I am ready to start my life.

My Cry Out To God

Over the past few weeks I felt like I had been going through spiritual warfare. After leaving a weekend event called Acquire the Fire I wanted to rededicate my life to Christ. I wanted to stop the way I was living and live All For God. While at ATF I had experienced many spiritually moving moments, and at one point I was screaming on the inside “Lord take all that I am and use it for your good.” However, even after that I still felt like I hadn’t totally connected with God like I should have that weekend.

Well guys I’m here to tell you that it finally happened for me a few days ago. I was researching the Honor Academy after I heard about it at AFT, and I came across some very discouraging info. I found a blogging sight saying that Teen Mania, ATF, Honor Academy, and Global Expeditions were all part of a cult. I was immediately sucked into the negativities, and my fear was slowly persuading my thoughts about going to Honor Academy. I was hurt and upset and I began to question everything I had learned from the Bible and about God. I argued with my parents and I went into partial shutdown mode. Now I know this sounds very dramatic, but that’s because it was. I really thought that God was calling me to attend HA and when I found all of these pessimistic remarks about HA I was hurt. I didn’t understand why God would call me to something like this if it was going to harm me in any possible way.  

So before I let myself get too caught up in the internet, I went to take a relaxing shower. I turned on All Sons & Daughters thinking that their music would help me relax, and before I knew it, I had fallen to my knees in a desperate cry out to Jesus. I stayed there for about twenty minutes while water fell upon my back. My hair was wet; my glasses fogged over, my heart heavy, and my breath gone. I was pleading for God to use me, to take everything, and to make me a disciple for him. As soon as I caught my breath and collected my thoughts I stood up and continued my shower. My heart was no longer heavy and I felt like something had changed, like I was really close to God.

A few days later, I was reassured by my youth pastor, parents, and friends that HA was and is not a cult. I am applying for the August 2014 term and I can say that I have grown closer to God! Miracles do happen and when you feel lost and hopeless, God is there to comfort you! Have a great Sunday and God Bless


"Give me a sign of your goodness, that my enemies may see it and be put to shame, for you, LORD, have helped me and comforted me.”- Psalm 86:17